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Data Science With Python

Welcome to my Data Science journey!

This is Nastaran, very nice to meet you! Previously I studied Microbiology, and now I am a Data Scientist with python.

I created this website as my Portfolio for the projects I do in Data Science. I believe that this way I can follow my own progress step by step. I am super excited and enthusiastic about this journey...

So now, let's discover a bit about why I decided to switch to Data Science in the very first place!

Corona era! The majority of people lost their job! So did I! 

As a researcher in a lab, due to the "1.5-m distance" measure, there was not enough space for everyone to work. Except for very important projects, others got canceled. The same era, the same measures, and the same situation for everyone, however, I observed that my friends in the tech industry not only kept their job but also had the opportunity to grow even faster and get promoted

Yes! Indeed the whole world faced a big switch to online platforms. But How could I adapt myself to such a fast-changing and fast-growing era? How could I come back to the work as a researcher and yet adjust myself to the flow of such changes?

Rather than being disappointed, I made my decision to consider this situation as an opportunity to upgrade my skills. One thing about me, I would always like to be able to grow as fast as technology does. I believe that the human brain is way more capable to learn new things than we expect. This is called Growth Mindset which allows us to be brave enough to learn new things at any time!

One of the biggest changes in tech was data-driven decision-making attitudes due to a huge amount of data. I was eager to be part of this change and that way I could upgrade my skills to grow in my work as a researcher. I started my journey by doing a course “Mathematics in Data Science” and learning "Python" programming.

The more I learned and went deeper into the topic, the more I became familiar with DATA SCIENCE! In fact, my curiosity to learn and understand the world of Data, having a background in data analysis during my M.Sc. and Ph.D., and having a problem-solving attitude, led me to choose Data Science as my new career. To further develop my Data Science knowledge I enrolled myself in Data Science Bootcamp at CodeOp and Data Science with Python Track at DataCamp.

Looking forward to starting my professional career as a Data Scientist soon.



Now that you know about my motivation and enthusiasm, let's go take a look at

My Journey & Projects

Latest Project: Diabetes Prediction Model Using ML & DL